Visiting the Val de Loire


Between the weather and our complacency, Bean and I took a long time to get out and visit some of the sites in the Loire valley. This is a beautiful area, and if it didn’t rain nearly every day, I may have been more enthusiastic about seeing more. We were given two sunny, though cold, days last week. I went to the train station, bought our tickets and we were ready to go exploring. Though Bean was happy to see castles where princesses once lived, she was more concerned about what she was going to eat. While waiting for our train to arrive, we found bread and cheese and had a little picnic style lunch on the train.

Garden of the Chenonceau Castle

Flowering Garden at the Chenonceau Castle

Walking around the Chenonceau Castle, it hit me that I was living a dream. Since I came to France the first time years ago, I always wanted to visit castles in the Loire valley. I was doing it. In total, we have seen three of the many that are here. We walked from where we are staying to the Chateau de Tours, took the train to both Chateau de Chenonceau and Chateau de Amboise, though not all on the same day.

Chenonceau Castle

Chateau de Chenonceau

All of the castles were impressive, though the Chenonceau Castle was my favorite. We were not able to see everything that the castles offered since our visit was in the winter and many of the activities are not offered. I plan to come back one day when Bean is older and ride our bikes through the countryside as we continue to explore the Val de la Loire.

oriental garden

Oriental Gardens at the Amboise Castle

Chateau de Amboise

Castle Amboise




8 Comments on “Visiting the Val de Loire

  1. Those castles look incredible. I would so like to visit them one day.

    • You can make it happen. There are so many in the area, you will have a great
      amount to choose from. You can’t go wrong!

  2. ‘Twas soooo good to talk with you the other day. And yes, you are “living the dream” of many people-surely every little girl. Keep going – maybe you will run into a handsome PRINCE along the way ???. Hugs, PP

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