Traveler’s Rest

Val de La Loire

The River Loire

I was watching a documentary the other day and one of the men said something that stayed with me. He said that if many American people were given a long time to just do nothing, they would not know what to do. They are so plugged into social media, television and the daily rat race, leisure time would drive them crazy. I can relate to that. There are many people in my acquaintance who would not be able to just sit still and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Thankfully, because of my minimalist mindset, I am able to enjoy doing nothing. I have become quite good at it.

The few weeks we have been in this place of rest, I have been quietly content. I have had fun playing house. I consider it playing because at this stage in my journey, it is not something that I need to do “for real”. I have gone to the grocery store and bought groceries. Bean and I have cooked meals together, just for ourselves. We have taken long, long walks together. Bean hasn’t complained that there are not lots of stores to visit as we tell each other elaborate, ridiculous stories and sing silly songs. Sometimes, I even get out of my comfort zone and play follow the leader.

I know that there are beautiful castles to visit wherever we choose to go, however, I am mildly interested in it. For one, almost every day has been cloudy and gray. I don’t want to put forth a lot of effort to see a castle on a grey day. The way I see it, they have been here for hundreds of years. They will still be here when I come back again. We will see at least one before we leave, I am sure!

I am amazed when I think about my current self in contrast to my former self. My former self was all about maximizing every opportunity to do everything. My current self is content to just be here. My former self would rise early and plan every detail of activities for the day. My current self is content to know that we will be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and the Bean is doing her schoolwork as she should. I don’t think that this current version of myself will last for the rest of my life, but for the moment, I am content with her.

I do my daily routine and many self-care activities. I eat well; I remain interested in life and people. I am ready to move on when the time comes to get back on the road. Just for this week, the itch is not as loud. However, as I write, read and research, I feel the wanderlust there, just below the surface. There is always someplace new that I have not yet visited. I still want to go.

Indeed, travel changes you. In the past, I found it amusing to need a vacation during a vacation. Now, it just makes sense. There is a great big wonderful world outside of the door, waiting to be explored. But today, it can wait.

4 Comments on “Traveler’s Rest

  1. I learn another valuable lesson from you every time you write. Thank you my darling friend ????

  2. This is very educational , something you can not learn from school .A class outside of the classroom ..and it is very valuable lessons .Thank you for sharing Your experience with us. I will continue to look forward to the next time you share a new story.
    Miss you , my friend ❤❤

    • Thank you Sharon. You are right. There are lessons that
      one must learn outside of school…maybe that is why I
      don’t really want to go back.

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