To All the Single Ladies- Happy Valentine’s Day!


I saw the perfect valentine’s card the other day. It said, “I know being single on Valentine’s Day can suck, but it’s so much better than dating some idiot!”

Maybe you were like me this past year; it almost looked like I was going to have someone special to share Valentine’s Day with this year. Then it just didn’t happen. What a disappointment. I was pretty down for a couple of days. I allowed myself to have a mini pity party and think, “Why me?”, “Why not me?”

Then I returned to reality and the world around me was so beautiful and my life, as it turned out, is really great. I started seeing the beauty of it once again with a new clarity. I want you, if you are spending Valentine’s without that “special someone” to stop and think about a something. Who isn’t looking over their shoulder at the green grass on the other side? Not many of us. We spend too much time wanting something we don’t have. I will stop NOW! I will be grateful and appreciate what I actually have in my hands.

I will continue to think about love. Today, I will list a few of the things that I love the best! I will focus on all of the things that I love each and every day. I am writing them down; I am watching the list get bigger and grow longer!

My Valentine 2016 Love list:
1. Snow- walking in it, hearing it crunch underfoot, watching it come down, seeing snow fresh and untouched on the ground, cleaning it off of the car, shoveling the sidewalks
2. Winter- I love that I can eat warm soup and bread, wear flannel pajamas, wear boots and scarves and coats, get cold and come inside and be warm, snuggle under warm blankets, drink hot chai tea and cocoa.
3. Walking- I am blessed to be healthy and have two legs that work properly and propel me wherever I want to go and that I am able to fill my lungs with clean air as I look up at the sky and see its beauty.
4. Libraries- The bigger, the better. I love wandering from one floor to the next and looking at great movies, books, magazines, language learning aides and more information than I could ever ingest
5. Bookstores- All of the new books in shiny colors, the travel writers with great stories to tell, the boxed cards and smell of coffee, the reading nooks and author readings, oh how I love a good bookstore
6. Public transportation- It is not always the cleanest of rides or the quietest of rides, but I love mixing with the people of the city on their way to and from their lives. We have met some lovely people riding the train.
7. Travel- It is the expectation of the unknown, the newness of a location, finding a routine out of unknown situations, meeting new people, I get exhilarated!
8. Road trips- I love seeing the green fields roll by, the music or captivating story on the radio, the black of night, the headlights in the distance, the pit stops and singing at the top of my lungs with no one around to care.
9. Grocery Stores- Oh the possibilities in the grocery store, the history of the food, the meals and times of community that it all presents; I could go to the grocery story every day.
10. Big cities- There is so much to see, so much to do; if you are truly interested in life, there is never a lack of activities to peak your interest.
11. Festivals- The thought and preparation that goes behind the people who are in those stalls, the food available to be eaten, the new things that I can discover…music, ideas, kindred spirits.
12. Reading- The feel of the book in my hand, getting lost in the story, feeling the characters joy and pain; I love a good book.
13. Interesting conversation – Understanding a trouble topic, learning more about someone, seeing a new perspective, priceless.
14. Good people- My small group of friends are some of the best people I have ever met. I like real people without a façade. It is a blessing to know them.
15. Markets- Just like festivals, you never know what you are going to find at a market.
16. Older people with good stories- I like to listen to them and imagine
17. Laughter, especially of children- It is the best medicine.
18. Adult coloring books- I would color in children’s coloring books just because I like to color, but I am thankful for the creation of art therapy coloring books.
19. Looking at beautiful pictures- Whether it is a magazine, a blog, a cookbook, I like looking at pictures.
20. Hearing of others’ successes- It lets me know that I too can do something amazing and that there are good people all around us striving towards making the world a better place.
21. Sharing a meal with family, friends and other good people- Some of the best times in life happen around the table.
22. Volunteering for a good cause- I may not have created the organization, but I appreciate working towards a better world.
23. Holiday parties- I like a good celebration, especially at some else’s house.
24. Thanksgiving- This is the family reunion for my family. We all do our best to get together and enjoy catching up and sharing the meal that has stayed the same for decades.
25. Coming home- It is nice to know that at the end of a long day or trip that I have a place I can call home.
26. Museums- It has to be the history. I have become more like my mom in that I am walking around trying to read all of the signs.
27. Spending time with Bean- That kid is funny. She has some good insights too. It is amazing to see things through her eyes.
28. Exploring a new city- I never truly know what I will find.
29. Watching documentaries- I enjoy knowing more about the lives of others and gaining courage and inspiration for my life journey.
30. ME- If I can’t love me, why should I believe that anyone else should?

I have no more time to continue today. I have more than 30 things that I love, however, I encourage you to make your own list of loves.

The other day, a friend stated how she is using facebook to journal her gratitude. She has touched and encouraged several people with her thoughts. That is a wonderful idea! I have tried to write my thoughts down in a journal many times…and failed. It would last, at the most, a couple of weeks. Maybe, if I use facebook as a place to post my gratitude, instead of the marvelous meal I ate or something like that, I can feel that it is a more useful platform for communicating with others. So, this month, I will begin to post a daily gratitude thought. If you have the time and the interest, feel free to join us! Let’s spread love and gratitude.

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  1. Great gratitude list. I found the right person (in late life) when I wasn’t looking. Before that I had great times with my gal pals.

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