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It is no secret to those who know me, how much I love the library. I go at least once a week to a library in the neighboring college town because of their extensive collection of foreign and nonfiction DVDs. I can order most of the things I want from my city’s library, but going there, I can get what I want right away.

That said it was a must to visit the New York Public Library. I remember how it was from my first visit. I was awestruck over the beauty of a library building. At that time, I was coming from Texas and had never seen a library that was more than functional. I knew I had to show this lovely place to my mother.

It just happened that the day we chose to go to the library was a rainy day, perfect for a library visit. The place was a beautiful as I remembered. We joined with a tour that takes place every day at 11am and 2pm. The guide began telling us about the history of the library and the land before the library was built. Alas, as she predicted when I walked up, the tour was boring to little children. Since Bean would need to walk with us wherever we chose to go later in the day, I gave her what she wished: a visit to the children’s reading room.

My mother finished the tour while Bean and I went downstairs. The children’s room was much smaller than I expected. There were plenty of books though and Bean grabbed herself a big pile and plopped down on the colorful mats, like the other children. I found a chair and sat in it, like the other parents. We were both content and passed at least an hour that way and would have continued longer except we were hungry.

As we met back up with my mom, she explained a few things about the library that I did not know such as:

The Library’s reading room will be closed for the next year, at least, while they restore the rosettes and other work. The room is the size of a football field.

Many of the periodicals, books, etc. housed in the stacks are actually kept underground in the area under Bryant Park, which is located right next to the library. It was interesting to sit outside and eat lunch and know that there are loads of books and possibly many people going about their business right under you…but I suppose it is that way throughout most of New York.

If you are in New York on a rainy day and you are not sure what to do, stop by the New York Public Library on 5th avenue. You will be glad you did.

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  1. Library is at the top of my list of things to do on my next visit to NY – thanks to your post.

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