The Color Run: Shenzhen, China

The color run

The Color Run Shenzhen, China

I made a goal to run at least one 5k a year. When I was in the USA this summer, the weekends kept arriving so quickly that I never took the chance to schedule a fun run. When I heard “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” was coming to Shenzhen, I signed up. It is not easy to get Bean to run with me. It’s not easy getting anyone to run with me! The Color Run was a great opportunity to run with others and have a great time.

I make the mistake of expecting events to be the way I remember them from the West. In my mind, if it has the same name it will be the same. I am learning that nothing is the same, not even a race. In the USA, we have lots of hype. Before arriving to the event location, there are signs, people in athletic gear or costumes, music and lots of free stuff!

When we arrived, things were so quiet we were sure The Color Run must have been cancelled. The directions I was given were on the opposite side from where we saw a group of people with Color Run gear headed. We followed them and walked for ages. Even as we got closer to the location there was no music, no crazy costumes. There were no signs. We walked until we saw the finish line. Finally, we arrived.

The color run shenzhen

Ready, Set, Run!

At the actual location of the event, there was more action going on. People changing into their race t-shirts, taking pictures, lining up. I began to get as excited as Bean. We were bursting with enthusiasm!! We got our registration packets and we were ready to run!!

People of Color at the Color Run, Shenzhen

We brought Color to The Color Run in Shenzhen, China

Along the race route, there weren’t people standing on the sidelines cheering us on. There were no markers telling us where to run. Laborers continued their construction projects. Families played in the parks. Vendors sold clothes and school supplies. We still had a blast! It is the happiest run after all.

Between kilometers, there were stations were we dove into color. Pink, purple, blue, yellow, green and foam. We ran through them all! We were covered head to toe in a rainbow of colors. As we ran along, other runners showered us in color. There were so many, I feel they wanted to say they had a chance to throw color at the foreigners.

The Color Run Shenzhen china november

Bean’s favorite part of The Color Run in Shenzhen, China

Bean loved the color stations. It was an excellent incentive for her to keep moving until the end. She left covered in blue from head to toe; in her mouth too. She got her wish to have blue and purple hair, at least for a few hours.

the color run shenzhen china

Dreamers are Winners!

The Color Run in Shenzhen, China was a great experience for us all! I am glad that I didn’t participate in a fun run when I was in The States. I would have missed this amazing opportunity. Now, how do I clean my shoes?

The Color Run shenzhen China

Where are my black shoes?

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