The Cheap Thrifty Frugal Queen

I am one of those people who was born thrifty (or frugal or cheap, whatever you want to call it)! I remember saving my little babysitting money so that I could buy a special baby doll, selling brownies at school to fund my camp trip, working a little part time job to pay for senior activities. I didn’t like asking my parents, or anyone, for money. When I got to the university, I worked my way through school and graduated with no debt.

I remember all of that, but I attribute one person to my decision to be debt free… my boss…when I was 19. At that time I was working at the corporate office of a home furnishing store. My boss was 24 or so, just graduating from a private university in town. She was telling someone how she went bankrupt because she was in loads of debt. She had her boyfriend crash her car somewhere so that she could get insurance money and buy a new truck.

I was HORRIFIED and determined that I would never, ever be in her situation. I found it appalling that she could even brag. The next day I heard a lady on the radio named Mary Lynn Hunt. She opened my eyes to the fact that people do get in debt, but they can get out. Listening to her lead me to Dave Ramsey, who lead me to Amy Dacizyn. I was reading get out of debt books for fun! I found a way to make my meager salary last and do all the things I most wanted.

I have never looked back. I am blessed to have learned many valuable lessons that have kept me through my single life, my married life and now my single parent life. I believe that if you are in debt, you can get out… and most importantly, you CAN live most of your life debt free. I am proof!

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