The Bronx Zoo

My mom, Bean and I all enjoyed NYC very much. There was so much to see and do, and we just could not do it all. Upon the recommendation of a friend (and because Bean was so keen upon seeing the animals), we went to the Bronx Zoo. I was aware that Central Park had a zoo, but when we were there, Bean was much more interested in exploring all of the 21 play zones that Central Park offered.

Getting to the Bronx Zoo was quite a journey for us. We were staying at an uptown location through Airbnb and that meant we needed to go downtown, choose another line and then go back uptown to the Bronx. It is possible that there was a simpler way, but because I was the new one to town, I don’t know it. One thing that we noticed about the different subway lines is that each one seemed to have something special about it. For instance, line number 1 was characteristic for the tile that decorated each station. Going uptown on the number 2, each station had beautiful stain glass at every stop. It was truly lovely.

Once we made it to our stop, we had about a mile to walk to get to the Zoo. The walk was made pleasant by looking around at the locals and seeing how they were relaxing and taking in the day. We passed through one park’s play area and a kind city worker asked if we would like Bean to have the free lunch being offered by the City. Of course we said “yes!” Bean immediately began to say how hungry she was and that she needed to eat NOW. We convinced her to make it to the zoo and see a few animals first.

Upon reading about the Bronx Zoo, I was interested. I knew I would like it, but upon entering the zoo, I was impressed. I can’t remember going to a zoo where the animals have so much space! and in New York too! I was really amazed that every Wednesday, the day we happened to go, was a free day to all. There were so many people and children EVERYWHERE, but for the price, it was no problem.

Back at home, I occasionally take pictures of the animals at the zoo. They are mildly interesting. Bean likes them, but since we live not too far from the free zoo, there is really no need to take lots of pictures. For some strange reason, while at the Bronx Zoo, I was seized with the desire to take lots of pictures. It was as if there weren’t better wildlife shots available anywhere.

The Zoo is huge! In the paperwork, the brochure tells you that you will not be able to see all of the zoo in one day. We picked the few animals that we thought would be interesting and got walking. We actually did not end up making it to half of the animals on our small list.

We viewed the deer, who were cooling off in the mud in their enclosure. After that, we walked over to the bison and then had lunch. (We had a later start that morning. There is always so much to see that I feel it is important that we don’t rush out at the crack of dawn and stay up until midnight just to see it. It is a vacation after all.)

Everybody had lunch around the same time as us, it seemed. The good thing was that we all brought sack lunches. The zoo may have been free that day, but the food was tremendously expensive. The cost of a hot dog, French fries and a large drink was around $11. I would rather pay that price at a local restaurant.

Since our need to visit a zoo in the first place stemmed from Bean’s love of the movie Madagascar, we went to see the Madagascar house. It was very, very large; just like the rest of the zoo. Just about anything that you wanted to see, it was there right before your eyes. Bean was mildly interested, so we headed outside to see other birds and the sea lions.

We passed through a lovely floral park area of the zoo and took some pictures. It was our intention to keep going and see more of the animals we may not have the opportunity to view at our local small, free zoo. We began to walk around and ran out of steam. Before we completely exhausted ourselves and had no energy for our evening activities, we walked back to the train station.

I must say, I really like visiting zoos in different cities. I must rate the Bronx Zoo as one of my favorites so far. The main reason being the animals have so much room. If we are going to view them in captivity, I would like their enclosures to be as spacious as possible. In the event that Bean and I happen to be back in NYC, we will definitely make a point to visit again. I highly recommend that you put it on your list of things to do as well.

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