The Attitude of Gratitude


I read this little excerpt by Anne Burnside in Real Simple Magazine years ago.

Gratitude is a game-changer! It is much more than just saying “thank you” to be polite…The fastest way to change any life experience is to (increase) the gratitude. No matter where you are, you can look around and hold an “appreciation blitz” in your heart and mind by appreciating as much as possible from where you stand right now.

By increasing our gratitude and focusing on the things we love in our life, we are better able to concentrate on the important events and people that are around us every day. It does wonders to change our thought process when we are not feeling so upbeat. It also helps us to transmit goodness to others.

I have been practicing being more mindful of the things of which I am grateful since the beginning of the month. I have attempted this before, but I always fall short after a couple of weeks. What I am finding is the more that I look for things about which to be grateful, the more that I find. Since I have committed to posting one item a day on Facebook, I must look for what really puts lightness in my heart and a spring in my step. Sometimes it is the strangest thing.

I read a book not too long ago about a man who wrote 365 thank you letters in one year. He tried to write one every day. In that year, so many bad things turned around and became good things. I like the idea of that. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea that if there is something we don’t particularly like in our life, by practicing gratitude, we can change it around. It sounds like the best quick fix ever. But it takes work.

One of my aunts said something at Thanksgiving that I haven’t forgotten. She said that her mother (my grandmother) used to say, “Imagine you are at a table with many people and everyone put their problems on the table. Whose problem would you choose? Most people would pick their own because once we see what others are facing, our little troubles don’t look so bad.” I would agree with that. In spite of whatever real or imagined difficulty I feel I may be facing, I am so blessed. I truly have everything that I need. I have no lack. I am thankful that I remembered. Try practicing a little gratitude during this season of love! Let me know what difference it makes in your world.

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