Shenzhen Food: A Photo Story

food republic

My favorite type of restaurant where you can see the finished product before ordering.

Everyone takes pictures of their food these days. When you are surrounded by familiar food, this habit can quickly become annoying to others. For those of us here in China, it is a way of communication and celebration. It is how we find our way around the city. A good meal is unforgettable and marks a place on the map we must visit again…even if it means an hour train ride in either direction.

Welcome to the celebration of a few of our favorite meals!

Food Republic

Fried Buns at Food Republic

Many restaurants one republic

Food Republic: a collection of many restaurants under one roof.

Kid's meal coco curry

Bean LOVES her kid’s meal from Coco Curry!

tequila coyote's

I dreamed about this super nacho from Tequila Coyote’s. Ole!!

5 Comments on “Shenzhen Food: A Photo Story

  1. Candace, love the photos ❀
    I wish I can eat with you and Bean ! One thing I konw that is Chinese people really enjoy eating out these days ~ Cz you don’t have to fuss about cooking at home, more time to talk to your family & friends πŸ˜‚ I remember my eye Doctor couldn’t stop talking about foods when he visited China. Hahaha ~ Eating good food and enjoying food is part of the Chinese couture. That’s what I know and now you are experiencing it. I miss having meal with a good friend 😞
    Sharon ❀

  2. Oh my – I think I would lose a ton of weight there. All I recognized from your photos – broccoli, egg, rice and chips. So glad you and Bean are finding some yummy meals. Miss you. Patti

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