Returning to Routine

When I am home, Oh how I love my routine. I love the way that the simple and often mundane tasks that I do on a daily basis get me one step closer to my goal. I can look at my week and think “BORING”, but if I just do the tasks and remember that at the end of the year, I can look back and say “FANTASTIC”, it will be worth it.

However, getting back into the routine after an extended time away is really difficult. I often like to write down what I did when I was on vacation so that I don’t forget that I was actually on a vacation as soon as I return. I like to relive the lovely moments, the moments of enlightenment and joy with Bean. But in spite of it all, getting back into the routine is just what we MUST do.

A few things that I do that help me to get back into the routine:

  1. Leave my house clean before I leave. It helps that I am a practicing minimalist. I don’t have much to clean or dust. I just leave everything a little better than I normally would, and when I walk into the door after vacation, my house says “Welcome Home.”
  1. Wash clothes before I come home. Whenever it is possible, I like to re-pack our bags with freshly washed clothes for our return trip. Often, the places we stay have a washer and dryer available for use. Sometimes, like in Costa Rica, for a few dollars, they will wash your clothes for you. This is worth it for me. I don’t need to come home and look for something clean to wear or be concerned with having a massive load of laundry. I open the suitcase/backpack/tote and put everything away.
  1. Return one day before I return to work. I don’t always do this, but if Bean and I have a day to lay around the house, go for a walk in the neighborhood, and talk about our vacation and our return to “real life” the next day, I find that it is easier for Bean to make the transition. I haven’t always done this. I have been guilty of trying to get every little bit of vacation time that I can, up to the last few hours. (One time I even walked into my job straight off of a road trip). However, I have found that I can appreciate the time away more when I have time to readjust to life at home.

Maybe it is due to Bean’s age, but our transition back into routine flowed more smoothly this time than I can ever remember. Bean was ready to get to day camp. I went back to work with ease. As usually, life continued on while we were gone.

The garden was amazing. Our dear friend Ms. Becky helped us tend the garden when we got back. While we were gone, the rain came down and helped with the watering of the garden. My harvest of lettuce was HUGE. I believe this is the best gardening year we have ever had.

In the short time we have been back, we have had a few sleepovers, get-togethers and trips to the park. We will be experiencing even more summertime activities in the coming weeks and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. Stay tuned!

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