Paris, Je T’aime


We climb the Eiffel Tower.

I am very fortunate to be a minimalist, a single mom and a world traveler. My favorite place (so far) in the world to visit is France. From the first time that I came here over ten years ago, I have felt at home. I would definitely try to pass for a French woman if my French was better. Maybe I have said it many times, but having a daughter like Bean who also loves to travel is a blessing as well.

Since we have arrived in France, Bean has become addicted to the boulangerie. If we are in a city, the first thing that she asks is if we are going to the boulangerie. While I tend to get the same few patisseries every time, Bean has started to try them all. Sometimes I want to say “No”, but I want her experience of France and French food to be positive and full of exploration. To date, she is almost always eating something. She loves cheese, yogurt, bread and a wide variety of other foods. I find it hard to make her stick to the strict three meals a day and a gouter that is the normal routine. She hasn’t filled out, she has stretched out.

While I want write an update about our journey as minimalist, I MUST share with you some of our favorite photos from France. I hope you like it as much as we do!


Pizza Hut Paris delivery girl

Du baguette

Bean loves the first bite du


Metro Bastille


Bean paints the town


Bean and her Lego buddy

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  1. I am glad to hear your stories on France and seeing pictures of you and Beam, makes me happy ?can’t wait to hear more stories of the most romantic country (France)
    Sharon ❤

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