On the Road…again


This week we are in Texas. I grew up here and my parents and a few other family members and friends still live here. In spite of that, Texas is a very difficult place for me to visit. I haven’t been back for a vacation in years. Normally I stop here for a day, or two for a wedding, to pick up Bean after a visit to her grandparents. The way Spring Break fell this year, I decided to spend a little time with Bean in Texas.

I was raised in a very conservative, evangelical Christian home. I had a wonderful youth. I am blessed, and I know that. However, whenever I return to Texas, I feel as if I have traveled back in time to when my outward appearance and behavior was strictly judged by the “Standards”. I have changed mentally, but I look much the same as when I was growing up here 20+ years ago. Many people expect me to be that person. It was a little hard for me to get out of the mental funk I entered into when I got here, but for Bean’s sake, I did. We didn’t manage to visit a lot of the tourist attractions, but we did the most important thing: spend time with our family and friends.

The more things change around the city, the more things stay the same…my room, the cat howling outside my window, construction everywhere, more and more shopping centers and restaurants. (Why is it progress when there are more places to shop?) I got in the car several times needing to get from my parents house to somewhere I barely remembered, thinking “I don’t know how to get there”. It was interesting to me how I was able to go on autopilot and let my instincts get me to where I needed to be.

Unfortunately, I have had camera trouble the whole trip, but here are a few pictures that didn’t turn out completely grey.





Now we are off to Kansas!

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  1. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Everyone missed you today. See you next week. Safe travels home. ?

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