Not quite the end of the gardening season

I went to the garden this weekend to see if I could wrap everything up and clean out our bed. I wanted to get started on a few other projects at home. I really thought that we were finished with growing and harvesting our produce for the year. The last time I saw the tomato plants, they had a few little green tomatoes. The herbs were doing reasonably well, but nothing great seemed to be taking place.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see all of the lovely growth in our garden this weekend. The tomato plants that seemed almost dead were bursting with fruit. The herbs were growing with wild abandon. The garden insects, both beneficial and not so welcomed, were out in full force. It was a beautiful day!

Even though we initially got involved with community gardening because I felt like it was important for Bean to know where food really came from, in addition to a romantic idea of a small urban farm, we continue because we enjoy it. I don’t know anywhere else Bean would have learned to love worms. When we first began, she was scared to death to touch a worm. Now, if we are walking down the street after a rain and there are many worms on the sidewalk, Bean will pick them up and put them in the grass so that we don’t step on them. She talks about how much she loves them almost every day.

Community gardening was a great way for us to interact with our neighbors and friends. (O.K., honestly this particular garden has not been the best at interacting with neighbors. If you come for the programs, then there is a possibility that you will be able to speak to new people. Mostly it seems that people are very reserved and reluctant to talking to new people. They do say “hello”, but not much else.) We did get to share with our friends and family how excited we were. We took friends we have known for years and friends we have made within the last year or two. Everyone was eager to help us water, look around and see what others were growing and contemplate having a garden of their own. Because we had such an amazing garden this year, we were able to share loads of lettuce with others. Since the tomatoes are ripening, we will be able to share that and the herbs as well. That is perfect for us as we love sharing!

I have created a youtube channel: Myspoclife dotcom in order to share tidbits from our real life. This past week I posted the video of our garden. Please visit, watch and let me know what you think. I will be posting a weekly myspoclife video on a topic which I have spoken of on the blog. I will also be sharing a good book that I have read. For all of the items that I post, I would like your feedback. Please feel free to email me at or leave a message in the comments. Thank you.

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  1. Your garden looks lovely and producing so well. Mine did better when I began covering the soil w/straw. Not hay as it usually contains too many seeds, but some kind of mulch and mine just took off. Straw may be hard to get where you live or tote around on public transportation though. Maybe cardboard, newspapers or shredded paper that you then wet down? The earthworms exploded in population after I put down mulch. I also used my coffee grounds, banana peels, etc.

    Your lil’ bean is getting a great life experience by being in the garden!! A hobby she might pick up or leave for a time, but always have that knowledge to refer back to. Good on you Momma!!!

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