Myspoclife Comparison of Chicago and New York City

There is a saying that Chicago is a second city to NYC. Even though I have been to NYC a few times, this trip was the first time that I could really see how true the statement is.

The first thing I have to say is that even though New York City is so much bigger than Chicago, I feel that they do so many things better. For instance, the subway system is so much larger than what we have in Chicago. However, it was so much cleaner and much nicer to look at and ride. I don’t think we have as much planned work on the weekend, but our system isn’t as old either. The people do not stand up as often for pregnant women and little children, but it could be that they are just tired and unobservant. I did not encounter as many disruptive people on the trains and surprisingly, NO homeless people were sleeping in the seats. That in itself was amazing.

One of the main similarities between New York and Chicago was for me, the neighborhoods and their particular flavors. In Chicago, it is easy to know the types of people and ethnicities represented in different neighborhoods and see how it represents the city as a whole. The same can be said of New York. I absolutely love the difference in each neighborhood and the special flare the people give it. As I stated before, we stayed in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood. It was fascinating to walk down the street and hear all of these “Americans” speaking Spanish and only Spanish.

I am a frequenter of farmer’s markets. I look for them wherever I happen to be. In Chicago, I can find a farmer’s market almost every day of the week, somewhere in between work and home. We first arrived in New York on a Saturday morning and I was a little concerned because even though we were on a tour bus going around the city, I didn’t see any farmer’s markets. I was relieved when later in the week I began to see a few here and there. We actually stumbled upon a farmer’s market at Rockefeller Center. Bean located a stall with honey. She insisted on buying a trial sized honey bear. Once again, she led me to a something great. I bought several trial sized honey bears for souvenirs!

Both Chicago and New York are on a waterfront. Indeed, all of the largest cities in America are. I love to see the panoramic view of a city. I enjoy taking the boat cruises. I was pleased when in New York that they had the free ferry and other water taxis. In Chicago, I have enjoyed taking the water taxis as well. Of course, Ms. Bean feels like she is the queen when she is out on the water. It is one of her favorite things to do as well.

Being a parent with a young child, I tend to look for parks. We can schedule nothing to do in an afternoon, and if Bean is able to go to a park and slide and make new “friends”, she has had a good day. In our neighborhood in Chicago, we have four parks within a couple of blocks from our house. In New York City, we were fortunately to stay across the street from a very nice park. As we went around the city and explored, there was often a park nearby. The difference between the cities seems to be that in New York, it is commonplace to put a water feature in the park. Every one that we visited had some sort of water area for the children. Bean loved it!

There are loads more similarities and differences between the cities of New York and Chicago. I know there are so many restaurants, theaters and museums I haven’t even covered. This is my short list. In the future, I will need to return to New York so that I can make more observations and share them. What other incentive should I need to go back to such an interesting place?

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