My Five Favorite Minimalist Blogs- Series

Miss Minimalist- Francine Jay

I know that my top five favorite minimalists are THE top five minimalist, but I have followed them consistently in the past year and a half. I have read pretty much all of the information on their blogs and it has helped me to consider the type of minimalist that I am and how I can best share my thoughts on minimalism with the world (or better yet, a few interested people).

I believe that one of the first minimalist that I came across was Miss Minimalist. I don’t recall how I came across her website, but I believe it was sometime after the birth of my daughter. We were living in a super large studio and it was enough for me. I was able to have room for my things, her things and much more besides. We entertained and lived a good life. The love of a small place led me to research more about others living in small spaces. This led to a post that Miss Minimalist did on living in a small space in London.

I was so intrigued that I continued to read more and more about her. I went through most of the posts on her blog. I was also interested in her thoughts on having children and being a minimalist. I enjoyed following her series on Real Life Minimalists every Monday. They did, and still do, give me inspiration to continue on the path that I have found: giving more value to experiences and the people around me than to the things that I own in my life. It is always comforting to know that you are not the only person in the world with “strange” ideas.

Miss Minimalist has written several books on the subject of minimalism and saving money. I recommend anyone who advocates living a simpler life in pursuit of experiences that make you happy and help you live a life that is fulfilled. If you have an interest in minimalism and living a full life, I suggest you check out the blog . You will be glad you did.

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