Morocco: A Photo Story

Our travel partner and great friend Halima, myself and Bean

Honestly, I think this trip was the best I have taken in years. When I set the intention to go someplace, I feel I mentally hold my breath until I actually set my feet on the ground. It was no different this time. Until we actually got out of the Marrakech airport, it was still almost unbelievable that we were headed to Morocco!

I have seen and done things that I have never done before. Bean had an amazing opportunity to play with children her age, under the same roof, the whole time she was away in a foreign country. That has never happened before and I am sure she won’t forget it.

We stayed with the most generous Airbnb hosts I have ever met. They simply bent over backwards to be helpful. We ate loads of couscous and tajines, tried the local pizza and French fries. We took public transportation like most everyone else (where I had my butt rubbed by a strange man). We went to the Sahara desert and rode camels. I spoke bad French for two weeks straight! Bean had her first spending money (though people often told her to keep her change and gave her whatever she wanted for free).

Vacation Low Point: Seeing sexual tourism in my face for the first time. A man from a western country took a room for five days to be with a prostitute from a poorer African country. We were shocked and appalled when we figured out what was going on. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be much our hosts could do.

Vacation High Point: Riding in a camel caravan through the Sahara Desert on a full moon night and realizing dreams do come true! There was more, so much more. Here are a few pictures to try to give you an idea of this most amazing place.

Our neighborhood market.

Market stall in Place Jemaa al-Fna

Snake charmer in the place

My Berber baby

Jardin Majorelle

Resting in Essaouria, Morocco

Atlas Mountains

Our camel caravan

Our first camel ride

Dreams do come true!

I will be making a short video to show more of our trip which you can see on our YouTube channel. It should be up by next week. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “Morocco: A Photo Story

  1. Your hosts should contact Airbnb and let them know what happened. They might ban the person from using their site in the future. I don’t know Moroccan law, but it could have been possible to contact the police. I would do that if something illegal was happening in my house, guest or not.

  2. Wow. That sounds like an amazing time! Including a free unsolicited butt massage on public transit. Ha!

    Nice pictures. Looking forward to the video.

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