Minimalist series- Joshua Becker

A minimalist blogger that I look forward to reading every week is Joshua Becker. I suppose I like him so much because he is a Christian and a family man. He has a spirit about his writing that I really love. I feel at home with his blog. I don’t feel like he is striving to become a minimalist. He has embodied the principles and ideas of minimalism. I appreciate how he looks around the web to find others who are also expounding on the same principles.

Joshua Becker has what he calls weekend reads. I have been continually inspired through reading not only other bloggers, but also major publications, discussing studies on different aspects of living a simpler life. I suppose it is because I am the only minimalist that I know, I need that additional motivation.

I enjoy reading about the humanitarian projects that the Becker family is involved in. I feel strongly about being involved in more than our daily routine. I feel it is necessary to get involved with the community at large. I like to read when others are looking out to see how they can help others in their community and the world at large as well.

I enjoy the guest posts that other bloggers contribute. It makes it unnecessary for me to surf the web looking for other minimalist. I can keep my time intentional. If you have five minutes to spare, take a look at and get to know Joshua Becker a little more. You will be glad you did.

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