Minimalist Apartment Tour


The first thing that people say when they come into our home is “It is so neat.” If they don’t know already, I tell them about minimalism and what it means to me. As you will see, not all minimalists are the same. Some count their things, but I like to make my things count.

The better I become at identifying what makes me happy and sparks joy in my house, the more that I can eliminate the items that I do not find helpful. It also helps me to spend less time cleaning. I LOVE that. I mean, who really likes to clean the house?

I am happy to say that I love everything in my place. I do have some things that would not be considered very minimalistic, but I love them. Bean is really sensitive to beauty and color, I tried to keep that in mind as I decorated our place when we first moved in. It makes me happy to hear her say “It’s so beautiful.” The pictures I have taken are not the best. In the near future, I will be posting a video on our YouTube channel of the complete tour. Come inside our minimalist home and let me show you around.






7 Comments on “Minimalist Apartment Tour

  1. Oh I love your big map of the world and the Dr. Seuss quote. How inspiring is that?

  2. And to think that Bean will grow up thinking this simplicity and beauty is perfectly normal. What a fabulous gift your are giving her! Thank you for sharing your apartment and your thoughts!!!

  3. Sharing yourself and your daughter with me is like giving me a beautiful gift. Thank you so very much. You always give me things to remember or think about. A happy grandmother of one biological child but mother and grandmother to all children of every age.

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