Minimalism and Me

The older I get, the less I really know…or at least, that is how I feel sometimes. For instance, after being a thrifty person for a while, it took time for me to see how it tied into other aspects of my life like being healthier and more environmentally responsible living.

Well, sometime last year I discovered a name for my “just get rid of it” tendencies…minimalism! Wow. If I could have told my family years ago, “I am just a minimalist” they might have had a better understanding of why I didn’t want their clutter in my room. My mom wouldn’t have been so worried when I would purge my closet every few months. Maybe they would have just said, “OOhhh, she is one of them.”

Discovering that I am a “minimalist” truly gave me the boldness to get rid of more things I didn’t need, without apology. I no longer need to make excuses when I ask people not to by Bean toys. If they question our lack of television, I can just say, “oh, many minimalist do without a television.”

I remember one day last year some friends with small children came by the house. Toward the end of the visit, the dad began walking around the house like he was looking for something. Finally he said, “So you don’t have a TV, what do you do for entertainment? I see you do have a CD player and books, that must be what you do.” It was very amusing to me how uncomfortable he became at the thought of us sitting and staring at the walls because we were bored to tears.

Being a minimalist has given me so much freedom to hone in on what is truly important to me. I, like most people, don’t do well with deprivation. I would not want someone telling me I can only own a certain number of items. I love the lightness of being that comes when I get the unnecessary out of my life.

Minimalism has become one of my favorite topics in the last year. I have much more to say about it, so stay tuned.

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