Je Suis Paris


I haven’t had the opportunity to write about my love for Paris, in particular, and France, in general. I have such a special place in my heart for this country, I almost think as though my feelings for this place is like the love I would have for another person. France is where I feel the most at home of any place in the world. France contains some of my best memories. It is the place that I am always seeking to return.

When I heard the news on Friday night that Paris was attacked by terrorists, my heart was broken. I know that everyone with feelings had their heart touched by the events, but I truly felt like my heart was broken in two. I have dear friends in Paris, who thankfully are well in body. Everyone is in shock and moving about in a state of unbelief.

When tragedy strikes, it often makes us stop and think about the course of our life, the plans that we want to make, those that we have already made. I have many plans in mind, one of which is to travel to France in December. In the face of the attacks, I have stopped and given some serious thought to whether I want to go now or at another time. I have decided to keep my plans.

I am not afraid of unseen terrorists. I am not afraid of violence on the streets of Chicago. I can not be. If I let fear rule my life, I will never leave my house. I will not be that person. I will not let my child see that example. We have been given a life to live. As a dear friend of mine said, “We must remember that life is still beautiful.”

Life IS still beautiful. No matter what mean, unhappy and desperate people do to take the joy out of our lives, we have a beautiful life to live. I don’t know when my number will be up. I don’t know if I have one day or seventy more years. All I know is that I have THIS one day. There is breath in my body and a spring in my step. My plans will go on. My life will continue as I have planned it.

Let us be courageous and live our one wild and precious life fully!

5 Comments on “Je Suis Paris

  1. SOOOOO proud of you!!! Please keep “the faith” – don’t fear or faulter.

  2. Thanks…needed to read this. Your call to live life has resonated with me today.

  3. Hi, Candace! I read your post at Miss Minimalist and said, I know her. It sounds as if you are doing well and haven’t lost your love for France. The French group is going strong. I know that doesn’t work for you now. If there is some other time that would, let me know. Ann W.

    • Ann! It is so funny that you would find me online. I knew we shared
      some of the same interest; I am happy that minimalism and French are
      some of them. Let’s talk after the holidays.

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