It is all about Perspective

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A few months ago I was contacted by a minimalist and single mother who found us on the internet. She wanted some help in planning her upcoming world travels with her son. As she began to ask questions, there were many fears she had that kept coming into focus. We worked through so many questions and relieved a lot of fears. One thing I told her often was that her concern over particular issues would fade into insignificance once she was on the road.

As I travel and meet many people who are focused on world news, their jobs and communities, often I just listen. There was the lady who was convinced that the wars in the Middle East were created to wipe out Muslims like herself. The family who didn’t vote for Marie Le Pen, but were strongly for the conservative party. The senior citizens who protest against Donald Trump by marching in the streets. The parents who feel that the end of the world is upon us within the next three years. The young minority father who sees the injustices inflicted upon people with his skin color in every area of society. All of these people feel they have legitimate concerns. Many of them are active in sharing their views with others. It is who they are and what they do.

I consider myself a world citizen. I have for many years. I hear the concern of others about the issues that face them, but I feel removed from they seriousness they feel for whatever issue may be at hand. Yes, Donald Trump is not the best president. Yes, black people are and have been discriminated against in many ways. Yes, gun violence is at an all time high. Yes, something needs to be done to create more affordable healthcare in the USA. Yes, people are starving and the rain forest is disappearing in many parts of the world. If I focus on all of the things that are wrong with the world, I feel such sorrow. There were times when I felt guilty that I was not doing enough because I am not marching and picketing and boycotting. I felt incapable to act; as if anything that I did was not enough. All of the issues are important. What is the best issue to fight for?

Just as I told the young single mother, these issues fade into insignificance when I am on the road. As a traveler, I need to find a place to sleep for the night. I need to make sure Bean is keeping up with her schooling. I need to find a grocery store so that we can eat a healthy meal. I must find opportunities for us to interact with the local people. I don’t have time to be interested in Trump’s latest tweets. I don’t have time to look for slights due to my skin color. I don’t have to worry about whether gays and transgenders are taking over the world. It just isn’t that important to me.

My perspective. That is what is important to me. Deciding how I want to see the world. It is also important for me to show Bean the good things of the world. It is important for me to let her know that bad things do happen and bad people do exist and do bad things. It is our choice how we choose to fight against them. It is our choice how we choose to celebrate the beautiful life we have been given.

I choose to fight and celebrate by the way I choose to live. I live as a minimalist. I am taking a stand against mindless consumerism. I choose to live intentionally. I live as a traveler. I am taking a stand for a life as an open minded, world citizen. I choose to design my life according to my rules of the road. I live as a single parent. I am taking a stand to actively give my child the tools she needs to become a mature adult. I choose to show her that she can be and do whatever she wants in this world no matter her skin color, no matter her marital status, no matter any preconceived societal ideas of who and what she should be.

So yes, I am fighting. I am an activist. I am concerned about the state of the world. I no longer feel guilty that what I do and how I live my life may seem like escapism to some. My purpose in the world is to live with the knowledge that I have the choice to live how I please. My purpose is to inspire others to ignore the news that tells them the world is too bad for them to explore it on their own. My purpose is to encourage others to find their purpose. All of us may not care passionately about the same things. I choose to focus on my purpose. If I know what my purpose is, my perspective will always be correct.

Have you been reading and have questions about travel, minimalism or single parenting? Feel free to leave a question in the comments or contact me. Reaching out is all it takes to get an answer to a question for which you may not know the answer. That is my purpose.

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