How I managed our craft stash

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I told you about how I have watched Bean and discovered what she most likes to do. She loves to follow me around the house. Seriously! I have asked her many times to go to the room and play with her toys. She says “No, I want to do what you are doing”. I ask her about all of her toys that are not being played with. Should we give them to children who do not have toys to play with? She says “no, even though I do not play with them every day, I still like them.” Fair enough.

The one thing that she will do without following me around is play with the craft supplies. In the course of the last three years or so, I have been very honest with myself and gotten rid of so many craft projects that just were not going to happen. I love the idea of recyclable crafts, upcycled clothing and creative hand made gifts using household items. In the past, I would spend a lot of time on the internet looking up what others were doing and doing a few things on my own.

I accumulated tons of buttons, material, paper, a sewing machine, a paper cutter, loads of cards, scrapbooking supplies, stickers, glue, beads, glitter and more. When I started to look at all of these things, I finally said to myself, “you know you just like the idea of this, not really the actual work.” I gave the bulk of the items away…but not the paper goods. Since I was young, I have loved pretty papers and things. I can hardly bring myself to use them, but I love to look at them. I kept the cards too. I figured “someday” Bean and I would sit down and have a card making day. We would smile at each other and talk and have fun decorating and putting stickers and nice sentiments inside.

Well, Ms. Bean gets up earlier than me on Saturday mornings. She often will bug me until I get up to join her at reading or whatever she is interested in at the moment. For the last month or so, she has been really quiet. The first time it happened, I was surprised, but glad. I went into the other room to find her happily occupied “making cards” herself. The perfect solution for managing crafts: let your kids do it!

I am not being completely serious here. Often, when putting things off for another day, he day does not come and the things you wanted or saved for a special day do not get used in the manner that you planned. Could I have sat down and made cards with Bean? Sure, but I was waiting for a better time. Could I have given those craft items that I didn’t use to better cause? Sure, but I was certain that a day would come and we would use them.

In all honesty, I should have done what I did with all of the other items, packed them all up at the same time. When I was looking at everything that Bean had all over the floor and was having a ball decorating and creating, I realized that I had forgotten over half of the items. Since they were right there in front of me this time, I took out the items that I knew could benefit others. I let her keep the stickers and the construction paper for other Saturday mornings when I just don’t want to get up at 6AM. Bean is happy. I am happy, and that my friend’s is how we have managed our craft stash. If you have perfected a way of managing crafts, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me!

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  1. Found your blog from your post on Miss Minimalist. Read all of your blog posts. You have very interesting posts. I don’t really have a suggestion regarding a small child and crafts, but enjoy reading just the same. Please continue to post.

  2. Absolutely. I got rid of half of our craft items… Makes for less mess and more “yes, you can do that.”

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