Hong Kong-Part 2

Lantau Island Hong Kong

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

A twenty hour flight. I have flown that long before but I was flying alone. Traveling around the world with Bean on a flight that would last over twenty hours is something entirely different. But I knew we could do it. I just was not sure how we would be holding up at the end. I did everything that I have been doing since we have been traveling: let her choose her activities,eat as much as she likes and take things easy. The trip was long, but not hard.

When we arrived at our last layover in Taiwan,I was once again impressed with foreign airports. Why don’t American airports provide children with a play area? Our favorite thing to do at the airport is find the children’s play area so that Bean can let off some steam. THe Taipae airport was the best I have visited to date. Besides the normal restaurants and play area,there was an exercise area with equipment, shower rooms, nap rooms, massage chairs, a tasting corner for treats and more. I have never seen anything like it. If we were stuck here, it would be a pleasure to spend the day in it.

Finally making it to Hong Kong,we needed to find our hotel.I get around pretty good in all of the countries we visit. They have letters that we can recognize! I was concerned about Asia because I can not read the characters. I shouldn’t have worried. It seems that most people in Hong Kong speak English. I exaggerate a little. However,I did not have any trouble with anything that I needed during our entire stay.

Riding the train was simple. Taking money from the atm, no problem. Getting to the hotel, a little more challenging. We stayed in a guesthouse that had good reviews. It was the tiniest room we have ever been in! However, we were happy to have a bed to sleep on after such a long journey.

Before coming to Hong Kong, I thought spending a lot of time in New York this summer might have prepared me for the size and the amount of people in Hong Kong. It didn’t. I can’t get over is the shopping…the malls…the restaurants. Ever corner,every street, everywhere you looked, there was a mall. Huge malls, loaded with people. Brand name clothing,watches,cars, luxury items and more. I walked around wondering “How can there be enough people wanting all of this stuff?” Then I see the people. People everywhere. The easiest way to imagine it is the mall on the day before Christmas, or a sold out concert/ sporting event; every single day.

Bean and I took a few excursions to quieter areas of the city. We were brave and road in a cable car up to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island. We spent time at Po Lin Monestary, ate lunch and visited the Giant Buddha. We watched the drumming ceremony enjoyed walking around.

Another day, we went up to The Peak, one of the highest points of Hong Kong. The views were beautiful, but the day was hot. We found a hilarious museum, The Trickeye Museum, and took some hilarious photos. We walked and walked, discovered parks near the hotel. The light show could also be seen at night near the Science Museum not far from where we were staying.

The city is so big! I am glad Hong Kong is just a train ride away from where we will be staying in Shenzhen. I look forward to going back and exploring some more.

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  1. It’s so true how you described the crowds. I often said the same. It’s like Chrostmas shopping crowds every single day!

  2. My dear friend ,
    I am so glad you find hong kong amazing ? I love this place where I was born and raised

  3. I’m your reader living in Hong Kong. it is a city that never sleeps. I have a love hate relationship with this city….

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