Hong Kong- Part 1

Spending time in Hong Kong was a great adventure. I walked around much of the time going “I have never seen anything like this.” Which is obviously true, since I have never been here before. We spent a few days having a great time!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong by day

buses in hong kong

We definitely road the double decker buses!

Lantau Island Hong Kong

Big Buddha of Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

The Peak, Hong Kong

At The Peak, taking in the views of Hong Kong

Trickeye Museum

The Trickeye Museum were we took LOTS of silly pictures!

More to come!!!

4 Comments on “Hong Kong- Part 1

  1. I do hope you missed the typhoons.
    We have friends who lived in HK for many years. Amazing place.

  2. Candace I am trying to catch up with your posts ?
    Hong kong is an amazing place.! I miss it

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