French Medieval Towns

Church Le Mans, France

Ancient church in Le Mans, France

We have returned to France and are very happy to be in beautiful medieval town. It is the second town we have visited that is known for its ancient background. We do pretty much the same thing here as we do everywhere else, explore. Somehow, it is more fun when you are surrounded by stone walls, homes and stairs that the Lords and Ladies of the town walked on hundreds of years ago. Enjoy the pictures!

Le mans france

Le Mans, France

Old town le mans france

The old town in Le Mans, France

La Drome et La Tour de Crest

La Tour de Crest, France and the Drome River

Crest, France

Crest is a town full of stone stairs which we love to climb.

Le Foret de Saou

At the bottom of the Rhone-Alps. Our first French snow.

Bean and I are pleased with the number of bakeries in this town. We have visited almost every one of them. I must make sure that I have one more piece of Galette des Rois before I leave or else I must wait until next year to get a bite!

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  1. I never knew how pretty Le Mans is – we pass it each year on our way to and from Brittany *blush*! Great reminder to pause.

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