France in Photos

community gardens paris

Community Gardens are now everywhere in Paris!

We are traveling to a new location. Here are a few photos from France to show you how busy we have been.

Museum of Natural History Paris

Bean loved the Museum of Natural History in Paris

Parc de la Villette in Paris

We walk so much I enjoy resting at Parc de la Villette in Paris

Zumba for kids, paris

Bean LOVES her Zumba for Kids class.

rock climbing seine

Rock climbing and obstacle course for kids along the Seine river in Paris.

Of course, there is always more. I just get tired of taking pictures! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I am committed to posting new videos every week. I am trying to present the full picture of what and why we do what we do! I hope you enjoy it!

4 Comments on “France in Photos

  1. Looks like GREAT fun !!! Hope you can find equally enjoyable things for Bean to love when you are in China. Knowing you, you will find them !!!!!

  2. It’s wonderful you both can find something you both enjoy. Candace, you look very nice…. and I miss you , my friend ! I hope you and Bean will find more fun things to do during your traveling.
    Love & Peace ❤✌

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