Favorite Minimalist- Series

Leo Babauta- Zen Habits

I would like to say that this guy is my favorite minimalist, but if I did that, I would have so many favorites. I discovered www.zenhabits.net around the same time I discovered missminimalist. I suppose what drew me to his site the most was his blog. The site is no frills, you can’t leave a comment. There are no ads. It is completely black and white and it fascinated me. I began to read what Leo had to say and it struck a cord in me. Because of the lack of frills, you either get into the message of the blog, or you leave really quickly. I stayed and I return often.

Leo Babauta was an overweight, underpaid, smoking,  father of six living a mediocre life on a small island when he began to question if this was all there was to life. He began to make a series of small changes to his life and they were effective and empowering. He embraced minimalism and as the useless things began to leave his life, meaningful habits and practices began to replace them.

Today, Leo Babauta is nothing like the man he was a few years ago. His blog touches thousands of people lives, including mine. He has a simple message and his ideas are easy to digest and incorporate into our own lives. I recommend stopping by and taking the time to read more. Form your ideas and tell me what you think.

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