Favorite Minimalist- Series

The Minimalist- Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

I stumbled upon these guys through some blog I happened to be reading one day. I don’t remember the blog, I just know that I was still in research mode learning more about minimalism. The blogger mentioned that she had seen “the boys” in a meetup where they were doing a reading. She mentioned that they were much younger than she was and she could have been their mom. I found that interesting, so I went to see who these young men were.

At first, I couldn’t figure it out. Who indeed were these two guys? I was reading different posts and found the information useful, but who were they? I read more and saw that they were best friends for years. Wow! While my friends find what I do interesting, I haven’t had a friend actually convert to a minimalistic lifestyle as of yet. (My family seems to be paying attention though).

Joshua and Ryan have been blogging about being minimalists for many years. Joshua began when his marriage and his mom around the same time. Ryan began sometime later when he noticed the change that came over Joshua. They both began to embark on the minimalist journey together. In the time since they begun, they have written books, produced a documentary, given TED talks, held meetups and more, all in the effort to provide value to others as they spread the message of minimalism. I appreciate the work that they have done. It reinforces my beliefs that living a life free from an abundance of stuff and rich in experiences shared with people you care about, is the best way to live.

I encourage you to visit their blog at www.themins.com and discover more great minimalists and inspiring ideas.

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