Eating Abroad Part 2

Tomato fruit salad

An abundance of fruit salad with a twist: tomatoes!

I had no plans to talk repeatedly about food. I thought that I was made of stronger stuff. I have listened to others speak of their struggles finding food for their diet. Others acknowledge that they are picky eaters and don’t like anything. Finally there are the people who will eat everything. I thought I could try and be more like them. If you read the previous post on food, you can see that I have a long way to go to become something other than I am.

I fully expected to have recovered from a momentary difficulty in adjusting. Maybe that will happen in a few weeks. Right now, I am in a full blown revolt against Chinese food. I have lost my appetite for many of the foods that I normally turn to when I lose my appetite. I don’t want plain oatmeal, cashews, peanuts. I don’t want white rice, steamed vegetables or duck. I don’t want chicken, fish or tofu. I am tired of baos, clear soup and cantine food.

California sushi roll

I made a California style Sushi Roll!

Bean doesn’t know this. I am doing my best to model good behavior. At lunch, I dutifully eat what is on my tray. I encourage her to put food in her mouth and chew. She doesn’t realize that we have eated at the western restaurant with the good pasta and sandwiches four times in the last two weeks. For Bean, we are spending time with our new friends. For me, it is survival.

sushi roll

All of the ingredients were already assembled. I just followed instructions!

This is a passing phase. I went to one extreme thinking I could eat everything just like I have lived here all my life. Now, I trying not to go to the other extreme and spend hundreds of dollars on processed Western foods. Give me time and I will find the right balance for Bean and I.

The final product!

The final product!

Until I do, I will keep trying new things!

4 Comments on “Eating Abroad Part 2

  1. I can imagine it would be quite tricky! Do they have big supermarkets with more familiar food? Yep, toast and jam for me (and peanut butter if they have it?!).

    • There is peanut butter. I know a few people living off of peanut butter and jelly!
      There are western style supermarkets at the malls, and there is practically a mall
      on every corner. Every store carries a little something from home. You might need to
      go all over just to make one homestyle meal. But it is possible!!!

  2. You just made me what to do some Sushi roll on my own. I love them.

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