Costa Rican child friendly tours

I suppose choosing the best child friendly tour in Costa Rica depends on the age of your child. Bean is five, so there are many things that are not at the top of my list to do…Ziplining and miles long hikes to name a couple. When I was searching for a tour back at home, I came across several online that seemed to say the children would be free or significantly reduced. Why, oh why didn’t I sign up then?

I waited until I came to Costa Rica to book a tour. I asked at the guesthouse, and then went into town to see what they would say. I think all of the companies are connected anyway. Everyone gets a commission. I went with an organization called Expeditions Tropical. When the lady behind the desk told me the total cost for the tours I picked, I gasped internally. I have NEVER paid for a tour before, much less for a child under 11.

I chose the company because I didn’t want to run out of time searching around for the “perfect” company. I just chose what I thought would be a decent fit. The guides spoke both English and Spanish. There were many people of many nationalities in the office. I believe that we will have a good mix of many cultures on tour with us, while learning about the culture of Costa Rica.

I chose the La Paz Waterfall, Manuel Antonio and Poas volcano tours. Since we are only in Costa Rica a week, I think that is enough. Last year when I traveled with Bean, she was exhausted with all of the things we did, even though I thought the activities were few and far between. A couple of the excursions are all day, so we will have a few days to just relax and do nothing but explore.

Bean asked what a volcano was. I told her it was a big mountain with a hole in the middle and sometimes there was fire inside too. She told me, “I don’t have to go on that one Mom. You can go by yourself and I will sit in the van.” Hilarious! I let her know that it was completely safe. I am sure she will find someone who will be her friend for the day and she will opt to go with me.

I chose these particular tours because Bean still takes naps. She gets very tired during the afternoon and when she is tired, she doesn’t listen. Better yet, it is like she CAN’T listen. I figure if we can leave in the morning, see something awesome and then come back in the early afternoon, we can rest going and coming back. If we have light outside when we return, we will take a walk to find food and call it an early night.

I also chose these tours because, even though I am a BIG do it yourselfer on vacations, I realize that finding all the local areas of interest and taking the local buses just might be a bit much for a child. I really enjoy immersing myself in a culture by living as they live. Since we don’t know anyone in Costa Rica, I am not doing that as much as I would like. However, on the other hand, I want Bean to have the time of her life. It is her vacation too. A tour company will take care of all of the details for us. All we need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the sights.

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