Costa Rica with kids

I think I have mentioned it before, but I love to travel with Bean.
The most stressful time for me is getting to the airport. I am always
holding my breath and mentally have my fingers crossed.

This time it was no different as we got up before the crack of dawn in
order to get to the train on time. (Oh, no, I don’t own a car and I
don’t know what friend would want to get us to the airport by 4:30). I
figure if I want to go to Costa Rica with my kid, or any other country,
I have to do the work it takes to get there.

We ate and slept on the plane in order to make up for our early
awakening. When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was the heat.
In our city, it is most often cool, even in the summertime. Though I
grew up in a very hot state, it takes some time for me to process actually
being in hot weather as soon as we get off of the plane.

Being the adventurous person that I am, I used my elementary level Spanish
to find the bus that would take us to San Jose. We got on the local bus and the
people were nice enough to give Bean and I a seat even though the bus was packed.
The ride was about 45 minutes and since Bean looked well rested, I was ready to
walk 2K to the guesthouse! I decide against it after asking how much a taxi would
cost. It was only 2 colones from the stop we happened to be. I had 2 colones in
my hand…we took the taxi.

Immediately upon arrival at Costa Rica Guesthouse, I liked it. I am always counting
my pennies, so I got a room with a shared bathroom. The bathroom was not actually
adjoining the room as I expected, but a couple of doors down the hall. The room and
the bathroom were HUGE. I was happy! IT IS TIME TO EXPLORE!

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