Community Gardening Rocks

For many years, I have enjoyed the idea of working in a community garden. I even romanticized the idea of an urban homestead for a while. I like the idea of being self sufficient and growing most of what you need to survive, while having access to the cultural activities a big city offers.

Bean and I have been active in community gardening for a couple of years. She loves playing in the dirt and with the water, meeting other people and sampling fresh produce. I love that she touches worms, knows where food comes from and that we can do something positive in the community.

This year, we invited a friend to share our plot with us. It was a good call! She came to meet us this weekend with a bag of tools, gloves and seedlings. I was amazed. I thought Bean and I were just going to play around again this year! We weeded, put in more soil, and planted seedlings in a flash. We now have a properly planted garden plot that will be ready to harvest in a matter of weeks. Thanks, Ms. B!

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    • Hey, she shared with everyone who helped. Free this weekend?

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