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Chimelong Safari Park, Guangzhou China

We got out of town! Many of the foreign teachers have told us about visiting Guangzhou, the city next to Shenzhen. Bean and I decided we would try it out. We hopped on a bus very similar to… Read More

Chinese Tea Culture Event

This past week, I was invited to join other foreign teachers in my district o Bao’an, to participate in a traditional Chinese Tea Culture Ceremony. It was one of the most interesting things I have done in China… Read More

25 Things to do in the Middle of Nowhere

Bean and I have been in the middle of nowhere many times since leaving Chicago. We have never owned a television, so the adjustment for us is different than for most people. Arriving in China, I here of… Read More

The Mall and Minimalism: China Edition

I never expected to write or talk so much about malls. When identifying with any group of people, there is group behavior. When we embrace the group, our behavior tends to mimic theirs. This can happen whether we… Read More

Shenzhen Food: A Photo Story

Everyone takes pictures of their food these days. When you are surrounded by familiar food, this habit can quickly become annoying to others. For those of us here in China, it is a way of communication and celebration…. Read More

Eating Abroad Part 2

I had no plans to talk repeatedly about food. I thought that I was made of stronger stuff. I have listened to others speak of their struggles finding food for their diet. Others acknowledge that they are picky… Read More

Eating Abroad-My Food Experience in China

Chinese food has been a surprise to me. I expected differences, but sometimes eating while abroad is hard. I can imagine what it is like for foreigners who come to America looking for a plate full of home… Read More

Hong Kong-Part 2

A twenty hour flight. I have flown that long before but I was flying alone. Traveling around the world with Bean on a flight that would last over twenty hours is something entirely different. But I knew we… Read More

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

When we attended my Aunt Margaret’s memorial in December, my family planned to release her ashes into the Atlantic Ocean at her request. They decide that the summertime, around her birthday would be ideal. I had no intentions… Read More

Making it in New York City

I have been to NYC many times in the last few years. My first trip to New York City happened years ago and I was visiting with people from New Jersey. They did not like the city. They… Read More