Asia on Argyle

I know that not everyone is able to pack their bags and take off to foreign countries, therefore, I am a big fan of discovering the place where you live. I am fortunate to live in a big city where there is a lot to discover. In fact, this place has been on my list of things to do for the 10+ years that I have lived here. I have finally made it out to discover “little korea” or asia on argyle as it is also named.

My dear friend Sharon and I braved a cold and rainy day, in addition to horrendous delays on the public transportation system, in order to check out this place. Sharon has been here many times and showed me some of her favorite places to go.

We ate a delicious meal. Sharon did the ordering and I was happy to let her because whenever we go out, she always orders the best dishes and I am never disappointed. We order fried squid. I admit, I was hesitant, but I wanted to eat the entire appetizer when it came out. For our main, we ordered a tofu and whitefish dish, bok choi, a Chinese fried chicken with white rice. I ate and ate, but it was just too much food. Surprisingly, we still had room for a red bean pudding dessert. I have never had a sweet bean dish. It amazed me at how good and comforting it was to eat on a cold day. The whole meal was great and so was the company.

Our next stop was the Asian grocery store. I have been to one before, it is just not something that I do often. It was so nice to visit an ethic grocery store with someone who is interested in the products and will tell you about what is there and what it is used for. I had so much fun, because if I haven’t said it before, I LOVE GROCERY STORES. We took our time and touched, smelled looked at and talked about all of the things we liked in the store. Since we needed to take the bus back to our houses, we showed some restraint and didn’t buy everything that caught our eye.

Our last stop was the Chinese bakery. Though it doesn’t have all of the beautiful pastries you see at a French bakery, it was an interesting experience in itself. I ordered the breakfast buns that go well with tea. As soon as Bean saw them, she wanted them for herself. She is truly my daughter.

It was a delightful day. We didn’t even make it all of the way through the neighborhood, partly because of the weather, but also in part because of the sidewalks. They are tearing up the sidewalks in order to make the area more attractive. If they can do that within the next few months, before the snow comes in, I will be more than happy to try some new restaurants. I want to go to the noodle shop, the bah mi sandwich shop, the herbalist…you get the point. I encourage you to grab a friend, or go alone and discover something interesting in your city this week.

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