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A South Carolina Sea Island

There are some days and some occasions when I look around me and feel happy to bursting. With a big smile on my face, I think to myself, “I live an amazing life. I do amazing things.” Usually it happens when I am traveling,meeting new people, and doing things I only imagined.

Sometimes, as life does, I must sit and wait for the next phase or excellent adventure to come my way. I am in a place I have been before, doing things I don’t really enjoy, trying to find that special spark to make the day bearable. I have read articles of people who advocate for adventures in daily life. Maybe I am a travel adventure junkie, because I feel that I need to look for daily excitement.

I was looking around me the other day. Hanging with friends and family. Riding the bus,doing my regular non glamorous routine. Once I returned to the house, a friend asked me about my bus ride. I looked at her in surprise. “What about it?,” I asked. She mentioned to me that I always ran into someone on the bus and have stories to share. I had to laugh because it’s true.

While on the bus, a lady with questionable mental faculties, wished everyone who stepped through the doors a good morning at the top of her voice. During the ride she sang, tried to play with the children who hid behind their alarmed parents, talked to tourist and was a complete spectacle for the entire bus ride. She did this all at the top of her voice,with no embarrassment or intimidation at all. She was an unforgettable character.

Another day I visited the gym with a friend. I prefer to get my exercise outdoors, but she offered and I accepted. We were hanging out in the jacuzzi when another lady joined us. After striking up a conversation, she told us she was an alien artist. “Excuse me,” I said,”did you say you were an alien artist?” She said that yes, I had heard her correctly. We all began talking about her creative process and various other topics. As we got out of the hot tub, she asked if we danced. I told her about some of my little attempts to learn how to be a better dancer, my wish to improve and my desire to go out dancing. She said “Let’s make a date!” We did!

I needed those two incidents to remind me that I can have adventures in daily living. I don’t always need to chase adventure on the open road. It is hard because I must be more aware of simple interactions. I must be open to receive what comes during my day. I must be patient. I need to open my mouth and talk to strangers. When I am thinking only about getting to the doctor’s appointment or the courthouse in search of the papers I need, that is difficult. I needed those incidents and others like them to help me to remember the time before I became a travel adventure junkie.

We met some of our favorite people when we rode the bus every day. Every day was an adventure because we didn’t know who we would see or what surprises they brought with them. Bean and I have had great fun going to festivals, museum special exhibits, and more. This all happened when we were living our daily life. If it happened then, it can happen now. Today, my eyes are open to the adventures in daily living.

Did you find yourself having an unexpected adventure this week? Tell me about it in the comments below! I like reading about you too.

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  1. I did not have an adventure. But I did meet a gentleman whose family was once the largest landowner in the neighboring county and that they sold the land to keep a relative from going to jail. A great story indeed!

      • Thanks for reminding me in this post that adventures are what we make them–not what others say adventures are supposed to be.

  2. When we were at Legoland in FL a couple years ago, I was sitting and waiting for my husband while our son played nearby. An employee of the park, an older gentleman, sat next to me and started talking to me. He told me how he and his wife used to travel around and worked on Native American reservations. He ended up giving me a silver bullet he carried around on his keychain.

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