About Me


My name is Candace and I am a single parent of color.
The statement is completely true, even though it sounds a bit like a twelve step program. Being a SPOC isn’t something from which to recover. My Bean and I find great joy in the simple things of life and in making our time together an adventure.

Honestly, life isn’t always fun. There are many days when mentally, it seems as if I am walking through the sucking mud, up to my knees, in the driving wind and rain. But I keep walking and the “perfect” days come. When those breathtaking, beautiful days happen, I look around and feel as if I am living in an amazing dream.

Myspoclife is my life. I am an employee, a minimalist, a thrifty person, a traveler and a parent. I wear many hats, like so many others. I also realize that living a creative life doesn’t stop because you have a child. The hopes and dreams you had when you were younger, or in a relationship, or richer, or … fill in the blank, you can see them come to pass. I am not here to TELL you what to do to make your extraordinary life happen, there are loads of gurus to do that. I am here to show that in spite of the obstacles, someone like you is making it happen. I want to inspire you to live your extraordinary life too!

Thank you for taking time out to stop by our site.