A Message to the Vagabond

While Bean and I were in Costa Rica, we came across an individual at a street fest. He was walking around selling wares like many of the others. He happened to stop and speak with us as he heard us speaking English with another tourist.

The thing that made our exchange interesting was that he asked if life in the United States was easier than the life that he was leading in Costa Rica. He came to Costa Rica from Togo/Ghana and he said that he was finding it difficult to make it. I told him I understood, and that life had its difficulties in the United States as well. It was simply too deep a subject to delve into while standing on the corner.

Since meeting the young man, his question has plagued me. I wish that I had tried to articulate what I really feel about making a life. I want to answer him now that I have the time. It isn’t a very difficult conclusion to reach, but when there are a million other things going on in the middle of a festival, it is difficult to think up the answers to life’s many questions…especially if you have a child tugging your arm asking for candy.

In my opinion, life anywhere requires a certain degree of planning and preparation. We must know where we are going and find a plan of how to get there. I don’t mean that this is always an actual location. It can be in our relationships, in raising our children or how much money we are going to save in a year. It doesn’t matter if you move from one country to the next in order to improve your life, if you don’t know what you want or how to improve it, you will never arrive at the goal.

We can not run away from ourselves. This is a point that I believe we often forget. Whatever issues we have been struggling to overcome in our home country/job/ relationship, if we do not take the time to discover the root of the problem, we will bring that same issue to our next country/ job/ relationship. A change of location does not equal a complete change of life.

There are different economies that affect countries all over the world. In those countries there are still rich people, poor people and the middle class. It may be harder to find in some places than others, but they are there. I believe that when we find what we want to do in life and we go about achieving our purpose in life, instead of living hand to mouth, we will discover the beauty of living, regardless of the money we make.

While I was not able to give the young man my thoughts about making a life, I truly hope that someone else will be able to share with him something that will guide him to living a life of which he can be proud. It is my wish for you as well. Blessings.

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