Month: January 2017

French Medieval Towns

We have returned to France and are very happy to be in beautiful medieval town. It is the second town we have visited that is known for its ancient background. We do pretty much the same thing here… Read More

Minimalist Reflections from 2016

I know most bloggers have already written their reflections of 2016, but with the events of the last month, it has sometimes been difficult to find time and space to sit and write. As we head back to… Read More

From Texas to Mexico: Crossing the Border cont.

I lived in Texas most of my life. Thinking about it now, I am puzzled that I didn’t visit Mexico before this year. When I was a senior in high school, a good friend at the time, mentioned… Read More

From Texas to Mexico: Crossing the Border

After being in the States for a few weeks and taking care of the needs of my family, helping out wherever they needed me through driving, moving, or babysitting, I had the overwhelming need to do something for… Read More