Month: July 2016

Miami- Great American Road Trip

I haven’t been to Florida in many years. In fact, it is somewhat surprising given the fact that I used to visit Florida twice a year in my teens and early twenties. I remembered rain at least once… Read More

Miami Part 2- Our Great American Road Trip

Continuing our Road trip… We got off of the bus first thing in the morning in Atlanta. Bean slept well in the night. I was rested enough to go and look for breakfast. Asking around, we found out… Read More

Miami Part 1- Our Great American Road Trip

When I told my family that I was planning a road trip for the summer, they were all very receptive. My dad mentioned that his family was having a reunion in Miami around the time that we would… Read More

Our Great American Road Trip- St. Charles

We have been on the road for a few weeks and we started out from St. Charles, Illinois. It is a little suburban community about two hours west of Chicago. It is located on the Fox River. I… Read More