Month: June 2016

Schedules and Routines

It has been three weeks since we began what I am calling our Great American Road Trip 2016. Bean has adjusted well to the road. I feel that I have as well. I remember hearing retirees say that… Read More

To Father’s with Love

My parents have been married for forty plus years. I have been blessed to have a dad in my home all of my life. If you are familiar with a prairie Home Companion, you may have heard the… Read More

The Courage to Leave

The last few weeks, I have heard so many people say how strong and brave I am. Over and over, I have to tell them I am not strong or brave at all. In fact, I feel like… Read More

Until we meet again

The time has come for us to say goodbye. That is a line I remember from one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables. The girls were saying it to each other repeatedly when one of their… Read More