Month: March 2016

On the Road…again

This week we are in Texas. I grew up here and my parents and a few other family members and friends still live here. In spite of that, Texas is a very difficult place for me to visit…. Read More

Happiness or Success?

Here is a question that I ponder sometimes: Is it more important to equip your children with the tools to be successful or should a parent just tell their child to do what makes them happy? The reason… Read More

Are children really that expensive? cont.

Let’s talk about school. When I started writing this blog I talked about the difficulty that many parents face when deciding which school to send their child. But that was all about the curriculum and the philosophy behind… Read More

Really, Are Children that Expensive?

When Bean was born, it was completely unexpected. I mean, completely, but that is another story for another day. I recently read the statistics that raising children will cost between $250K-$300K in the United States, from birth until… Read More