Month: December 2015

Our Goal: One New Country a Year

Some days, I would like nothing more than to strap a backpack on my back and take off slow traveling around the world. I have my route planned out in my mind and I would just go until… Read More

Streamlined Clothing Equals easier Packing

I had a request to discuss how I am able to pack one carry-on for both Bean and I when we go on vacation. It really isn’t very hard if you already have just a few clothes, like… Read More

How I managed our craft stash

I told you about how I have watched Bean and discovered what she most likes to do. She loves to follow me around the house. Seriously! I have asked her many times to go to the room and… Read More

Managing Toys

In my opinion, the hardest thing about being a minimalist is sticking to my ideas of what is important and needed versus what Bean feels is important and meaningful. Anyone with children knows how it is to leave… Read More

Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving was an amazing time spent with most of our family. We all met in St. Paul, Minnesota at my uncle’s house. Bean was in heaven with all of her cousins around and lots of love and attention…. Read More