Month: October 2015

Being Present

Myspoclife shares her struggle with being present in her daily activities.

What’s the Point? Finding Purpose on the job and off

Myspoclife shares a talk she gave on finding purpose on the job and off.

Reading is Fundamental

As a minimalist, I still own many books. I did a post a while back about getting rid of many books. I did the hard thing and I took at least 150 books to Half Price Books…and got… Read More

Not quite the end of the gardening season

Myspoclife discusses their love of community gardening!

Minimalist series- Joshua Becker

Myspoclife discusses her favorite minimalist.

Minimalist series= Courtney Carver

I am not sure how I came across this lovely lady. I instantly loved the concept of 333. This is a method of dressing that Courtney Carver has gained much publicity about. It is capsule dressing at its finest…. Read More