Month: July 2015

Minimalist Souvenirs

Minimalist Souvenirs I believe most minimalist that I am familiar with do not buy souvenirs when on vacation. Someone said your vacation is your souvenir. Maybe they are right. However, I like to buy souvenirs. While I do… Read More

Travel Planning- New York City

Myspoclife discusses planning a fun and inexpensive trip to New York City.

Decluttering Books

Myspoclife shares the difficulty of decluttering books and sentimental items.

The Beauty of Boredom

When I first embraced minimalism completely, I was thrilled to get rid of all of the things that no longer served me. It was amazing to see how I could look at something that I might use and… Read More

Public Transportation Safety

Myspoclife discusses public transportation safety tips for use wherever in the world you happen to be.

A Car Free Life

Myspoclife talks about the benefits and joys of public transportation.

Returning to Routine

Returning to routine after vacation as a single parent.